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please don’t butcher matthew mcconaughey’s name. i…

but im saying it right john
mcconagoggles name isnt hard at all you just have to say it right and then jump through ten thousand electrified hoops
watch out for the sharks though
and dont forget to do several unique poses on the way out before landing in the brawl pit where you have to fight twenty professional kickboxers wielding brass knuckles at the same time
but after that you can say mconagravys name all you want

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well shit, i guess i stand undeniably corrected.

youre an ultranerd
its a fact of life john
just accept it
the sooner you do the sooner you can move past it
maybe even use it to your advantage
relish in your knowledge of quotes from various movies of dubious quality and your love for matthew mconagraphite

so did the seinfeld guy explain what the deal with airline food was
or did he just leave it like that
dropping some existential shit on the audience
what is the deal with airline food?
its just food
but on a plane
hes right ladies and gentleman
give this man a nobel peace prize for saying shit that made me think about something ridiculous